Pool Lifeguard Jobs in Canada – Latest

There are multiple Pool Lifeguard Jobs available in Canada. If you own relevant experience and certifications, then don’t miss this chance and apply for them today.

Companies are offering decent pay rates, medical insurance, accommodation, transportation, and promotions too. Long-Term working relation with company may lead you towards many other benefits.

Let’s check out the job details below, NOTE: the application links are mentioned in the third paragraph of the jobs. Visit those links if you want to officially apply for these mentioned jobs.

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Pool Lifeguard Jobs in Canada

1: Pool Lifeguard

Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$24.48 an Hour

Village of Mayo is searching for an experienced and energetic individual to fill the vacant slot of Pool Lifeguard. Individuals must be medically fit, and be able to work under flexible schedules.

The job description will include, guiding the swimmers, ensuring the safety of rescuers and others, patrolling in assigned territory, and providing first aid in case of emergency.

If you are eligible for this job position, do click on this official link. Follow the required procedures and do submit your application to the HR of the company. They will respond back accordingly.

2: Pool Lifeguard

Experience1-2 Years
Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$20.70–$25.36 an Hour

Upper Thames River Conservation Authority has posted a job opportunity for the position of Pool Lifeguard. The applicant must own relevant certifications and 1-2 years of experience.

The core job duties for this position include ensuring the safety of visitors, guiding swimmers, providing first aid in case of emergency, and patrolling the assigned areas of the pool or location.

You can apply for the job simply by clicking on this official link. Fill out the form accordingly, and submit it to the relevant authorities. Once approved, you will be contacted back accordingly.

3: Lifeguard/Instructor

Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$24.10 an Hour

The Corporation of The City of Victoria is opened up for the vacant post of Lifeguard/Instructor. Individuals must own relevant experience along with required certifications in first-aid/swimming.

Company will assign selected individuals with tasks like providing guidelines to swimmers, first-aid in case of emergency, ensuring the safety of staff and visitors, and reporting to management regularly.

In order to apply for this job position, do follow this link, fulfill the procedures accordingly and submit your application. After approval, the company will contact you back for more processes.

4: Lifeguard

Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$23.89–$32.04 an Hour

The City of Edmonton is currently hiring individuals for the position of lifeguard. The company will prefer individuals with relevant experience, certifications, and medical reports.

The highlighted job duties for this position are to ensure the safety and security of visitors at the pool, guide them during swimming, and provide first aid to the victims in case of any emergency.

Here is the official link where you can apply for this job position, carefully fill out the form before submission. In case of mistakes, your application may be rejected by the authorities.

5: Lifeguard 

Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$22.80

CFMWS has an opportunity for those who want to join them in the position of Lifeguard job. They require individuals with relevant experience and valid certifications in the same domain.

They will assign the selected individual duties like providing guidelines and instructions to swimmers, providing first aid in case of emergency, and ensuring the safety of visitors at the standard level.

If you want to apply for this job, do click on this link. Follow the steps accordingly and submit your application to the related authorities at the company. They will respond back to you accordingly.

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