Latest Gardner Jobs in Australia – Urgent Hiring

Nobody will deny the opportunity to live and work in Australia. While if we talk specifically about the opportunity, it is related to gardening that’s also a part of the hobby for many people.

The pay rate is pretty appropriate along with other benefits like medical, food and accommodation. You just need to have a valid certification in class 3 horticulture.

So let’s move forward towards these latest Gardner jobs in Australia. NOTE: The application link for each job is mentioned in the 3rd paragraph of every job.

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Gardner Jobs Australia

1: Gardener

ExperienceCertificate III in Horticulture
Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$58,552 a Year

The Rural City of Wangaratta has an available vacancy for the position of a Gardner. The applicant should have sufficient knowledge of plants and their related types according to season.

Job duties here include developing the garden and its maintenance. Using the Horticulture types of equipment is also part of the duties along with operating different plant vehicles.

If you are eligible enough to apply for this job position, do click on this official link. Follow the mentioned steps carefully and submit your application for further processing.

2: Gardener

ExperienceCertificate 3 in Urban Horticulture
Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$1,068 – $1,122 a Week

Bathurst Regional Council is searching for an individual to hire him/her as a Gardner. The applicant should have relevant background along with Certificate 3 in Urban Horticulture.

Core job duties here will be to supervise and maintain gardens and parks. Seeding, planting and watering on a regular basis in the assigned territory is also part of job duties.

If you want to apply for this job position, do click on this official website link. After fulfilling the required information, do submit your application for further procedures.

3: Assistant Gardener

CityLane Cove
Experience2 Years
Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$1,076 – $1,183 a Week

Lane Cove Council has opened its vacant slots for the position of hiring Assistant Gardner. The applicant must have relevant experience and valid certification in the horticultural industry.

Major job duties for this position include managing and maintaining the assigned parks and gardens. Following the day-to-day tasks listed by the supervisor like watering, seeding and planting.

In order to apply for this job position, follow this official link. After the submission of the application, you will be responded back by the related authorities.

4: Gardener

ExperienceCertificate 3 Horticulture 
Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$1,170 a Week

Blacktown City Council is hiring an individual to fill up the vacant position of a Gardner. The applicant should be from relevant background along with Certification 3 in Horticulture.

If we look at the job description, it includes, developing gardens and parks with fresh flowers, new plants and seeding. Watering the territory on a regular basis and using garden-related equipment.

You can apply for this job position by simply clicking on this official URL. After submission of your job application, the company will contact you back for further scheduling.

5: Gardener/Handyperson

Job TypeFull-Time
Pay Rate$52,982 a Year

Moree Hospital is searching for an individual to handle the garden-related activities. Individual must have relevant experience and should be active and energetic to work as assigned by management.

Job responsibilities include maintaining the hospital’s garden, and lawn, planting new trees and flowers, watering the garden on regular basis and keeping all related things in order.

Open this official link, follow the mentioned criteria and submit your application for the job. After approval, authorities will contact you back as per their schedule.

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